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i may be ill but someone just made me smile

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having an extension on my house and i just got a rough quote for what i want done which is a kitchen bathroom and bedrrom and utilitie room and they told me £15-18,000 which is good as i have £30,000 and all i want them to do is to build it as me and my partner can fit the kitchen and do most of it.
i know that i probably end up spending it on the house as i want a combination shower in my bathroom, it is £1500 it is a sauna steam room and power shower in one, how cool is that my own relaxation room and i thought that was quite cheap for that also got to buy a kitchen and all furniture to go in the extension so I'm sure i will be able to spend the rest, cant see that being a problem anyway lol
Oh cool, a sauna/steam room!?!? ;) Spending that kinda money on the house can be so easily done!

I'm just waiting for my Lotto win so I can buy a farm! ;D
i will be buying me mansion when i win the lotto, hopefully next week, villa in spain, keep on dreaming
LOL oh yeah and that lot too..! :)

Have won small amounts, twice in the last 3 weeks (week 1, wk3) that we started.. on the thunderball... waiting for that big one!
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