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I very much dislike paper work...

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Nov 22, 2010
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Southern Ontario
I am currently attending Unversity and in the process of appealing to the government to get funding on the basis that there is no public transportation to my home town.{:|

I feel like they might as well be asking me for my first born child along with every other thing that they want. I have to explain to them why I don't live with my parents even though my hometown is within 40km of the school. What the heck am I supposed to say to that? That my mother drives me crazy so I can't live with her?:...

They want a copy of my lease to prove that I'm not living at home.

They also want me to prove that there is no public transportation. How do you prove that something like that doesn't exist?

And lastly they want a detailed budget, which I have already given to them at least two other times but, of course that was for different paperwork so I have to do that again.

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