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Introducing a new Piggie

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Gem and i are playing with the idea of getting a new piggie, now we would prefer it if we didnt have to get another hutch for now. Would we be able to introduce a piggie that is slightly older than taz and bumble into their hutch and would they get along.

had anyone got any experiences with this kinda thing.
How old are Taz and Bumble? Do they live together and what gender are they? :)
they are about 7 weeks, yes they live together and they are male, it would be another male pig, who is about the same age as well.
Well, this might be difficult because usually it's best to stick to two's with boars.

This page might be useful - http://www.susieandpigs.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/trios.htm

As the boar's mature, they will probably start to fight however they may not. It's quite a hard desicion with boars but you can always try it if you think it would work. However you might end up needing to seperate all 3!
Generally speaking 3 is not a good number with boars who don't really do well in anything more than pairs sadly - its all about the hormones! You could consider adding a neutered rescue boar to your girls if you did want to extend your piggy family?

I introduced Zubin to Rudi in the summer and i wish i hadnt they fort like cat and dog Zubin has a chunk missing from his ear after they had a fight under a chair tht i couldnt reach under and i had to spend another £60 on a new cage if your 2 r gettin along ok together i think thts fantastic and personally would leave it at tht but its your call x ;D
There are all sorts of options for adding to your guinea pig family. Good advice has been given here about being cautious if males are involved. If they are boars the big problem with 3 is that adding the third pig could upset the mix and you could end up having to seperate them all. There are exceptions bu its a bit risky so I wouldn't try it myself. The link Livie posted above is some info I put together on boar trios to help you make up your mind.

If they are sows I am reliably informed it can be done but generally even numbers are better so nobody gets left out, so 4 rather than 3 and of course they would need lots of extra space. This is a link to cavy spirit which also has some good info on adding a 3rd piggy http://www.cavyspirit.com/sociallife.htm#3rd

Why do piggys have to be so addictive? No matter how many you have or how beautiful and lovely they are we aways want more don't we!
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