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Introducing the babies!

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Jan 23, 2006
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They are all 2 weeks old today!

In birth order -
Topsy - A little boy.. the only one with black markings



Turvy - A little girl.. has a little white spot on her back



Cutie - A little girl.. brown patches on her face and bum



Squirt - Another little girl.. has a brown patch on her bum


The first on the left

Titch - Another little boy.. he's the smallest, has a white front paw and white bum



ALL of them!


Kelly and piggies xx
Awwwwwwwww, they are adorable :-* Topsy is so cute, I love the way he has a piece of hay in his little mouth, lol ;D
They are beautiful!

I love their little crests!

Are you going to keep them or are they looking for homes?
All little American crested satins! Well except for topsy the black one, may just be an american satin as he doesnt really have a crest.

Am keeping all the girlies and have a couple of friends who want one, so they will be having the boys!
lol Oh no way! ;)

we're pretty sure it was Guinea..! If he is the daddy, then they're his sons and daughters/ sister and brothers!

He was left in with Rattie his mummy for 2 weeks but was mature earlier.. and imbred - accidentally..

All little uns are fine - we no longer have Topsy, the only one with black on him.. my mum gave him away without consulting me! But thats in the past now!
naughty mum giving your piggy away, they are all such little cuteys I'm really hoping lupins conceives I put her in with albie who was griffens cage mate she did'nt conceive with dobby so maybe he is sterile or if she does'nt conceive this time its her thats sterile, shes one in oct so dont want to leave it any longer, but after losing a few recenlty I think a happy birth would be perfect,
aww that would be lovey! Really hope that it works out well for you.

Its sometime ago that Topsy went. They are all 11 weeks and 1 day.

Will be putting more photos up soon
i want them all kelly lol, they do look like guinea aww bless him hehe how big are they now? x
aww just a little younger than Harry then awww lol if i manage to come to the day out i will have to give them all a cuddle lol especially the celeb chefs lol x
Aww cool. lol i may smuggle the gorgeous ton home lol and guinea and the rest lol if you see mum coat wriggleing then you will know lol x
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