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is this a silly idea

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Claire W

Forum Donator 2017/18
Mar 23, 2008
Lancashire (Originally from Nottingham)
As my piggies are outdoors, I am always looking for new ways of keeping them warm during the winter.

They already have snugglesafe heat pads, cosies, beds, plenty of hay, a thick fleece blanket covering the hutch front at night and hutch insulation.

Now, when they are in their pet carriers, I bed them on fleece for the journey. I have noticed that Erin and Ena especially like to wrap themselves up in the fleece as if they are in bed (like we do). I have some large fleeces and some small fleeces (the dog and cat ones with paw prints on them). I am wondering if I could put one in their sleeping area at night time as they may like to wrap themselves up in the fleece? Will this be going over the top?
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