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I've got two new piggies!

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Adult Guinea Pig
Aug 9, 2006
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I got two new piggies on Saturday, both long haired girls. One is an alpaca called Lottie who looks like a curly wig on legs ;D and the other one is a peruvian called Grace. They are both absolutely beautiful and really laid back. Lottie is more reserved and squeaks like I'm torturing her when I give her a gentle brush and Grace, although younger, is the more outgoing one at the moment. I'll try to get some photos of them soon.

They're living in a C&C cage with Fudge above which on Sat night sent him into a frenzy, smelling girls for the first time bless him. He's calmed down now but is still trying to chew/climb his way out to them. So now I have the decision of whether to neuter him and get him a girlfriend or whether he'll be ok just seeing them from afar. He seems ok now, I've given him a soft toy to ....erm... cuddle ;)
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