Jesse, the old hammy

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Here are some pics of Jesse during playtime today. He has to play in the piggy play pen with a sheet under him to get his exercise. He doesn't move to well anymore (though he still moves a WHOLE lot, he just falls alot too) and he tumbles out of his wheel when he tries to run. He has to have the sheet under him because it's smooth and he doesn't get stuck to it with his tiny claws and get all frustrated. I can't really handle him at all anymore because he gets very frustrated when he gets stuck or stumbles, which he does alot of the time, and then he nips, even when you are only trying to help unstick him, while he's trying to free himself. He enjoys running around and playing during playtime though. I leave his cage open in the pen so he can scramble back in when he's ready to rest for a bit. In spite of being so old (he'll be 2 years next month which is quite ancient for an RCD), he's really doing well. He's healthy over all and very active in spite of stumbling alot. He's also quite happy now too now that I figured out to put the towel down so he doesn't get stuck. He's such a cute little guy.







Hes so cute Kat, is RCD a russian hammy? ive only ever had syrians x
Rud met our Hammy cocoa once but he didnt understand what it was and Cocoa just looked at him lol
I let them visit with each other out on the floor sometimes. They pretty much ignore each other. They should not live together though if that's what you mean. They eat very different things and have different care requirements not to mention hammies can be very territorial and may attack the piggy. Visiting is fine though and I've never had any trouble with them.

Kurama with Kai



Solomon with Astin
Aww. I knew they couldn't be housed together, just was curious to know if they could see each other and be ok.

That's a very cute picture. I didn't realise they could be territorial (saying that I don't think I've ever really had a hammy long or paid much attention to it). Is it more due to their size do you think?

xx Kelly xx
Well, dwarves aren't terribly territorial and live in small colonies in the wild. However Syrians are loners and will more often than not murder their cagemate if given one. It's just how they are. Size doesn't really have much to do with it. Dwarves however are much more easily spooked than Syrians and may attack the piggy out of fear and that may very well have to do with size. The smaller you are, the more cautious you have to be to survive. They do fine with piggies on neutral ground though. The piggies are sometimes a bit afraid of them at first though. It's funny watching a big piggy skitter away from a tiny hammy. They are curious though and soon figure out there's nothing to be scared of and they just sit and watch the lively hammy running all over.

Gosh! :o I didn't realise hammies could be that bad and kill their own!

Sounds like a right laugh about piggies running away form the small hammies! I can imagine that!

My Tonni is so curious when our cat is around, so no idea what he'll be like with a little hammy! LOL

xx Kelly xx
Oh yeah! They love my dogs and run right up and cuddle with them, but the tiny hammies scare them.
Hammys can be visious! My hammy attacked my dad i think its cos he made him jump! blood and everything! but Nibbles was forgiven lol x
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