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Jo - PrincessGuinea

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Jan 23, 2006
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PMed me to say have a great weekend all!

What a dafty! LOL ;D

Me? Not off yet!
I'll be on sometime tomorrow after going into town and doing a bit of shopping!

xx Kelly xx
You'll be here, but Jo won't, she's only on while at work :)
I meant cos of the time! LOL It was 9-55pm!

Time for bed not long after I posted that! That's what I meant! ;D

On now as always! LOL Did my shopping and got more medication! I've got a terrible dry, chesty cough now!
hello, all! another week again! :-[ oh well.
kelly, dont i sound old!? at 9:55 pm, it 4:55 pm in the states, so i was leaving work.
i cant wait for vacation! i spoke to my boss as to my time of vacation since in 2 weeks, i will be 3 years with him. he said i get 2 weeks off but he doesnt want me to take them together. >:(
so i will take one week in july and maybe the other week in september. it annoyes me a bit that i cant take two weeks straight, but i guess its coz I'm the only secretary here. the other girl only works 2x a week.
what do you guys think?
thats a bit harsh! You not entitled to more time off than that? I don't know how things work in the US
nope. in most jobs it takes 3 years minimum to get 2wk vacation. it sux! >:(
guess i gotta deal with it. all i can do is enjoy my time. :-[
aww that's a pain Jo! At least 2 weeks is better than nothing? Even though it isn't much!
yea its a pain. i wish i could get more time. how long do you have to be emplyed to get a decent vacation over there?
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