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Lavender has joined bear for some TLC

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Jan 23, 2006
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found Lavender with a swelling on her jaw wednesday evening :( made an urgent appointment for next morning when i got up her face had swollen double over night looked like she had swollowed a golf ball, took her there and saw Mr Philips ( cute and clever lol) and he said what do you think? yes he agreed it is a hugh abcess needs lancing and cleaning out you know the usual he says, she stayed over night as they had an emergency and she did'nt get her op until late afternoon when he said it was hugh and smelled awful lol ;D I knew it would,
she stayed over night and I just picked her up, got to keep the wound open so syringing it twice a day with hibiscrub yuk! :-\and she is on baytril and of course probiotics, so now she is next to bear in my living room , he of course has seen her.. pow he is on female alert I'll make him use that leg, :D which although has gone down has now stopped and I can smell pus when I cuddle him so more of the dam stuff to get rid of, I seem to be up to my armpits in pus with these two, ?
both got check ups next tuesday, so we shall see how things go , got to go and de pus again lol :D
Oh I don't envy you Michelle. Those blooming abcesses are awful aren't they?
I really hope Lavender and Bear get better very very soon.
Hugs to them both and you of course.
think Bears sulking he has'nt got my undivided attention now has he ? typical male, both just got some nice grass, had to squeeze behind the log cabin in our garden to reach it, so am now cold wind swept and grazed, what I do for them pigs, mIck said to me the other day why are your legs so scarred, and I could tell him each one was connected to the pigs one way or another, either scratched them getting grass or moving the run or one of the pigs scratched me, (Harvey tried to climb up my leg), good thing I love them all so much is'nt it, my family often catch me covered in hay and other stuff and say I look like a farmers wife, :)
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