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Lavenders not eating after her op

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Jan 23, 2006
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am going to have to syringe feed her later as i have given her every chance to eat some thing but she is not bothered and is just sitting in the cuddle cup looking totally fed up she has had parsley, grass, cucumber, apple etc but nothing is tempting her, Bear is looking fine but his leg is still slightly swollen, we shall see on tuesday what happens then,
aww.. eating nothing at all, not even a nibble? I would keep trying to tempt her for the while, she might decide to give in! Hope it works out..
gave lavvy some baby veg and she liked it, she then nibbled some cucumber and a shreddie ( mine all love these) she then started on the hay so fingers crossed she will eat more through the night, I decieded to put her in with bear in the run in my living room...... they both perked up, Bear got shoved out of his cuddle cup and ended up laying with his face on the edge next to lavvys bum lol, ( dont worry no hanky panky went on) he is licking his leg so some thing is happening to it , hopefully its healing, got pus out of lavvys hole in her now gone abcess, ugh! good thing i'm not screamish, :o
Am so pleased to hear that Michelle..! Maybe it was cos she was feeling down in the dumps and lost her apetite for a while..

Hope they both continue to get well. Well done for managing to get the pus out! hugs to you!
if he is not eating at all please get his teeth checked at the vets.
Hi Michelle

Hows piggies today? You are having a nightmare with your piggies. hopefully this will be a better week.

hi everyone Lavenders still not eating and has been syringe fed for the past 3 days both critical care and baby veg, she is a little quite for my liking the abcess is healing so well just her appetite to sort out both her and bear have check ups tomorrow, dont think its her teeth think its more a side effect of the op, she is in with the girls today hoping they may stimulate her to eat, mind you if she does'nt eat solid hard food soon her teeth will grow, shall see tomorrow, bear has got a sore patch on his back maybe a side effect of the medicine he has been on 0.4 of baytril twice a day for 2 weeks now, get them sorted tomorrow hopefully
glad they are getting there slowly.

Have you tried Lavender on a bit of grass. That was what helppedJacques when she stopped eating. let us know how the vets goes?
awww, could well be a side effect from the op but best to make sure anyway.. hope it goes well at the vets..

I was gonna say try grass too but Mrs Mod just beat me to it! :)
hugs all around

Mrs Player xx
Maybe you should try Critical Care? You can get it from Thistle Cavies Rescue's fundraising shop - would you like the link?

This sounds so much like Jacques. She had temporary anorexia after her operation and was in the vets for 3 weeks being syringe fed, pain killers, antibotics, proboitics the works. They werent hopefully at all they honestly thought at one stage she was goning but she bounced back and would improved. It was slow. it took a good 2 months to really get her back to 100% again and her weight back to normal. The fact is even though the vets did a hysterectomy due to cysts on her ovaries she then, after i got her home, had 2 cysts, 1 on her back and one on the neck, burst so she had that to content with too. its a long journey but hopefully it will work out.
just got back from the vets and not good news, Heidi the vet is lovely and spent ages talking to me basically she says bears leg has'nt healed completly and the septic arthritis is still causing him pain and he still has thick pus in the joint, she wants to x ray him again to see if any improvement ,if not then she will ring me while he is under and ask permission to remove his leg to stop any spread of the sepsis (poisen) he also has a sore spot on his back due to his medication and now has cream for that, he is eating and pooing well so no worrys about his general health, just the damn leg, she says he must have twisted it ripping soft tissue in the joint,
Lavender is still not eating properly, her abcess wound is not bad now but Heidi thinks maybe her teeth have grown over and that was the original cause of the abcess if they have grown into her jaw there is nothing we can do for her, so she is also having an x ray, all this happens on thursday, and i am to build lavvys food up so she is well enough to go under anesthetic, so she is now on critical care mixed with baby veg which she loves, she had eaten a little guinea pig food during the night last night, I'm preying its just a reaction to the op like Jacques. as soon as she has food she is alert and bright, but she is very quite and down hearted poor girl, :'( :'(
Sounds like you are going through it. Maybe it might be best for bear to lose his leg then at least he wont have the pain. I know its hard but the best thing is whats best for him. I'm sure you and the vets will make the right decision. Wouldnt want to be in your shoes. let me know what happens.

Its good Lavendar has started eating. it does take such a long time. they do it very slowly. At least she likes the critical care. Jacques hated the vets doing it. She prefered me doing it but she had to stay cos she was on so much medication.

So thursday they are both under? Ask your vet if there is anyway they could xray Lavendar awake. As its not hte operation that causes temporary anorexia its usually the anesthetic. I know with my vets they will never put Jacques under again because of what happen before. They said she wont make it next time.

heres a few links if oyu havent seen them.

I am so sorry to hear this. It sounds very serious. My darling Dr had terrible teeth problems. He did survive two anaesthetics and Scarby has also had one. Guineas don't respond well to anaesthetics as they have such tiny lungs. Lots of good luck and love to you. x
Aww big hugs toy you, as Mrs Mod says it may work out better if Bear does lose his leg.. Piggies can cope just fine on 3 legs.. If and when they get x-rayed, like Mrs Mod says to try and not get them to have an anathe-thing (sorry cant spell it), if you can at all keep them still or possibly wrap them up in a towel?

In growing teeth can cause abcesses and also affect hearing so becareful of that..

Hoping everything turns out fine

Big hugs and love to you all

Mrs Player xx
if bear needs to have his leg removed then so be it I will have to live with making that decision but i guess I would rather have a 3 legged piggy then no piggy at all, apaprently the poison could spread throught out his body effectivly killing him anyway so really I dont have much choice i know that, Heidi said you have 2 really sick piggys on your hands,
Lavender is very quite but i am just off to find some nice lush grass for her, its pouring with rain and very windy but if it helps her, my guess is that Bear will eat it lol
they are both in a run indoors in cuddle cups and on thick towels with hay and food in bowls for them, my 2 dogs take no notice of them at all bless them,
Both are having anesthetic in case any ops need carrying out while they are still under, ie Bears leg removed or Lavvys teeth dealt with or being put to sleep in the worst case, that way she wont know anything about it, its horrible knowing its my decision, but you would all know the feeling of being in this position I'm sure :'(
I will cross my fingers for you and your piggies on thursday and hope it doesn't come to the worse. What time is your appointment or when will you know? We are always here if you need us Michelle. Good luck and thinking of you all
same goes for me, fingers crossed that everything goes well.

Thinking of you all

Lot of love

Mrs Player xx
thanks am really dreading thursday need to take them both in at 9.50 they go to the main hospital its a very new modern place, Heidis doing the ops not sure what time though, but I will be in all day waiting for the call, probably chatting on here trying to take my mind off of it all, having them in doors for the past week or two has made me so attatched to them both, jeeze do I feel awlful, my poor babies would rather i had to go through it all then them , :'( :'(
aww lovey I am sorry, yeah it must be heartbreaking to have two ill babs at the same time..

Really feel for you.

You know we're all here for you

Mrs Player xx
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