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Jan 23, 2006
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Last night, I was fuming! But I couldn't do anything as I was in bed!

My brother decides to tell me at 12pm that he has posted on the forum! Ok, not that I minded him joining but it's the fact that it was on my computer, so people may think it's me..

I'll start; yesterday afternoon he wanted to know all about the forum cos I like to talk about it. Anyway I showed him how to make posts, add smileys and the polls.. but my brother ceases to amaze and actually knew..

Anyway we had a bit of a tiff and said that although he was staying over, he would be gone the following morning (being today).. Went to bed early last night and we said he could use the puter - he's a pain for sex sites!

Apparantly he thought that it would be a good idea for him to make posts and for me to have a 'surprise' in the morning! So, I've seen what the little git has done, could someone please delete his posts? He's about to get a mouthful when he decides to get out of his pit!

Also, I'm not sure if he can or has emailed or pmed some of you.. My apologies.

xx Kelly xx


I have a sister and a few friends like that i wouldnt worry hehe dont worry he didnt PM me family eh!


Might be wise to change your password and log out when you have finished on the forum. I didnt see the messages so dont know how bad they were.
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