"Line up" tips from the master!

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Mar 10, 2009
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Here are a few hints and tips if you are tempted to try your own line up or Christmas photoshoot!

- Try to photoshoot on a sunny day with lots of natural light for the best results.

- If you can, use an armchair that has been turned to face a window - it is not as easy to escape from there for naughty piggies. For best results you need to have space to hunker down in front of the chair.

- Drape a fleece over the chair. If necessary, line it with a towel underneath. Ideally, the fleece should have no pattern and be light, rather than dark. The colour of the fleece should complement your piggies' colouring. To build up my second row, I have used some thick books.

- You need to be quick, so have have everything ready and within easy reach!

- You might find it easier to keep escape artists under control if you take your piggies to chair in a transport container and take out the most laid back piggies first. Try to place any lively piggies between two stalwarts if you have more than a couple of piggies.

Usually there will be quite a lot of milling around. I gently put the piggies in position and VERY gently lay my hand over their face from the front and above to tell them to sit still. The older folk in my Tribe now know what to do now anyway (unless they are not in the mood, of course...)!

- Some food helps! Dried herbs or fresh grass is ideal. Sprinkle a line in front of the piggies to keep them busy but rooted to one space. It is easiest to start with munching shoots and slowly work up to photoshoots where the piggies have learned to sit still and pose.

- Photos taken on the piggies' eye level are more impressive than any from above.

- Try to take as many shoots as quickly as you can. You won't have much time to work with, depending on your piggies' temperament. There will be hopefully one good snap amongst the pics. I get about 3-10 pictures in the short time the Tribe is actually sitting still; it very much depends on the .

- A "naughty" photo or video can be as much fun as a regular picture!

- Don't expect miracles the first time round! Piggies have to learn what is expected of them and how you want them to behave. Lots of praise, practice and a treat afterwards will also help.

- You can edit pictures in photobucket. I found it very helpful to be able to cut out most of the unnecessary background, unless you want to add the piggies' names or a message. That you can do that in photobucket/edit/decorate.

- If you want to use one of these pictures as your avatar or profile picture on this forum, you need to resize your picture to 150 pixels max and use the "direct link" option.

Have fun!
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Nov 21, 2009
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Ooh! Thanks Wiebke. I'll definatly be trying the chair trick over the weekend.

I have managed to get two of mine to stay still on their own, but to line up all four (let alone 10!) will be a feat in itself.

I'll be trying your tips for certain though :)

Thankyou x
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