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locking cage?

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hi all i have 2 guinea pigs and 2 children my 3 year has started opening the cage(he has autusm so do`es`nt understand that he shoud`nt do this without myself or my husband present)
it`s a simple catch which clips over the base of the cage is there anyway to lock it
any ideas suggesions would be welcome
thanks kaztrekie
I have no idea. Is there anyway you could fix like a lock on it?
not that i can see unless i drill a hole in base to fit padlock in
Hopefully somebody on here will be able to help you :)

Just a quick question... is it your birthday today?
I can't think of any other way to stop your son from opening the cage ? Drilling a hole into the base isn't a bad idea, then you could loop a large padlock through :)
Well if you go to a local pet store, usually in the Birds section they have bird cage locks or just locks for birds to play with. I used that on my old hamster's cage who was an escape artisit, hehe!

Livie xx
what about one of these

u could put a pad lock on it
What does you cage look like look would be easy to problem solve once we can see it.
thank you for all replys i have now put a hole in the side and have looped rope around it the guineas can`t reach it and my son ca`nt open the cage(he`s slightly annoyed about this ;D)

thank you all

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