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Jan 24, 2006
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West Cornwall
As you probably know I have had a rotten time recently - Scarby had a huge abscess and nearly died, then Dr had to have his teeth cut and subsequently suffered from anorexia. What I have found so lovely is that when a piggie is ill the others really look after the poorly one, kissing it, getting out of its way in the wooden tunnel etc. The sweetest thing was last night. Dr has just got into eating food a bit now, and Riffy carried some of Dr's favourite food to him in the corner for them to share. So sweet.
That is so lovely. Usually when guinea pigs become ill, the others usually disown them a bit like when a new born mum has a baby which is still born e.t.c, she just shoves them out the way.
Its good that they are all sticking close together and looking after each other :)
I am Lucinda's Mum, (and therefore granny to Doctor, Riffy and Scarby), and I was really touched by the way the three of them stick together and help out when one of them is feeling ill.
I have been staying with Lucinda and the Three for a few days, and I bought Doctor a red shiny house as a get well present. As soon as it was put in the run, Doctor rushed in and took possession, but let the other two in to view the premises, before booting them out. And this is when he weighs a quarter of what they do (combined). He is a very determined guinea pig! I actually think he would make a good estate agent, as he has a definite interest in any of the guinea houses, shacks, cardboard boxes that they have, and always has trotted round to examine them all when they are put out. What professions would you recommend for your piggies?
[color]Hi arolin.

Its grat to hav you hr. ucina is such a lovly lay. All thr piggis ar so gorgous an was praying that things woul go wll for Scarby whn h was ill. Whn I har about Doctor too, it sm as though nothing was going right for ucina but its all looking much bttr now. I am so rliv an I am sur both of you ar too.
If you or ucina n any hlp with anything both fl fr to mail m at anytim [mail]lli@squaky-pigs.co.uk[/mail]
I will kp my fingrs cross that things continu going right!
Giv my lov to all thr piggis :)

Elli x
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