map with house numbers

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Does anyone know where I can find online preferably a street map with house numbers on it.
have you tried google earth, my kids love scanning down on places like our back garden, Josh keeps looking at Portsmouth dock yard at the ships he adores i keep telling himone day the police from the navy will be knocking at our door, we also looked at Pearl Harbour and found the 2 sunken US war ships from the battle of Pearl Harbour, thats how clear it is.
google earth is good but it wont have house numbers have you tried your local post office
OOHH thanx Michelle, I got the google earth too - gonna take a look at Pearl Harbour
it is so clear, Josh loves anything to do with world war 2 takes after his mum, my nan use to chat for ages about it to me as she lived in London and my fascinating passed onto Josh, the 2 ships are pretty amazing if you cant find them let me know it was only becasue we had the book Pearl Harbour we found the correct bay
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