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Maple Is Growing In Confidence! (finally!)

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Adult Guinea Pig
Jul 22, 2011
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Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Hey, I haven't posted in a while now as I've been so busy with uni and work etc but I wanted to share some pics I got of my little Maple. Some of you know that I rescued Maple back in September and she was very timid. Took ages to eventually get her to take food from my hand and not bolt into her hidey when anytime someone came near.

But we have a breakthrough.. she is now up at the bars begging for her veggies alongside Daisy :D woohoo! She has never done this before.

Here are some pics...

That's brilliant. Well done! I'm in a similar position with my 2 rescues. They don't hide immediately any more but not yet ready to take food from my hand.
Thank you. I was starting to think she was always going to be a timid little piggy but she really is coming on well. Good luck with your piggies. I'm sure they will get there eventually :)
It's so lovely when they start to trust you. Every time I've had a new rescue pig I feel like they are always going to be shy but at some point there's always that turn around and it's so lovely to see. Your piggies are adorable by the way. :-)
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