Maude's new friend, Maggie

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I at last managed to get Maude a new friend yesterday. I got a number for a lady in Cambridge who rehomes guinea pigs. So I set off this morning with Maude in a cat carrier. When I got there the lady had 5 guinea pigs in a run and we put Maude in and let her choose her new friend! This lady had a massive garden completely sealed and there were guinea pigs running loose everywhere. It was so cool!

Maude decided she liked a little black, brown and white 11week old pig, so we tried them out together in a smaller run and they seemed to get on ok, so I have brought her home. Tonight they are in my spare bedroom so that they have a mutual space. I have called Maude's new friend Maggie. 1) because of little Maggie the kitten that I was fostering who died and 2) because we already have Mongoose, Moppy and Maude, so another name beginning with M seemed like a good idea!

Maude is on the left and Maggie on the right

Just one of Maude in the cosy cup I made her

staffie lass

They look so happy together, you will have to make another cuddlecup for Maggie ;D
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