May have a job!

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Yesterday Me and Kobie went to North end and looked for Jobs and we got nowhere, so we went to Cosham where again we go nowhere but while we where waiting for a lift home i asked if we should ask in the decorating shop to get out of the rain so we went in and said 'do you have any application forms?' 'he laughed and said what for?' we where like work and he said well this is my own bussiness i work here alone so we went to walk out of the shop and he said why would you like some work i may have a few hours on the weekends! so he took both me and Kobies mob numbers and a CV and said he might give us a ring its not much but its like a light at the end of a tunnel! I may have a job I'm not to hopeful because he hasnt rang yet ah well x
Jan 23, 2006
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I think its who you know especailly living in close proscemity like here on the Island, word gets about you are eager for work and some one always knows someone who knows someone etc good luck hope they ring soon


yea, that is how i actually got my job....this guys asked his friend who happened to be my hair dresser if she knew anyone eho needed a job! that was me!
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