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squeakypigs does it all at the min... which is really good considering all the stuff she probably has to do... the forum has really blossomed today
hehe! when do we think there will be mods? will be cool to see who they will be

vi xx
probably soon, the forums gettin a lot bigger, iv only been here since last monday when it opened and already theres 50 members and pretty much near 1000 posts... just glad I'm part of it
I will be assigning moderators to the forum when the forum gets alot bigger. :)
okies, about how many members will you wait for? hehe just interested, once i have asked i might as well ask away lol

vi xx
Did I say you said you wanted to be a mod ;D LOL too funny ^_^


When I do start looking for moderatos, things which look good is if they can get more members to join the forum and post a lot too! :)
lol ok, i would be honoured to be a mod, but i think there are lots of people who do, so really i dont stand much of a chance lol! wish everyone luck for being one though!

vi x
I would love to be one! However, don't know if I will lol ;D

Livie xx
lol... before I make people mods, there needs to be more members. I think once it gets over 100 then I will look into making people mods.
Being a mod would be cool a lot of responsibility though whoever was chosen would need to be have fair judgement. It would be a good job to do.
ooooh okies, people join the forum lol! we want to know who the mods are! lol

vi xx
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