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moist eyes

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Hi I have 2 new baby girls this is day 3. One of the girls keeps closing her eyes like she wants to sleep, but when I realised she's been doing it since yesterday I had a closer look and one eye looks particularly moist and she's blinking a lot.
The other girl does not blink at all ! so this is really freaking me out.. do they normally blink ?

I'm not handling them yet so I dont really want to get her out and have a good look until I get some ideas from you guys.

They have wood shavings with hay on top, so I'm wondering if its to do with the hay ?

Any advice would be great.. sorry I cant get a pic.


It's possible that she has had some dust from the shavings in it or prodded it with a piece of hay. Personally, when it comes to eyes, I am loathe to give out first aid advice as they are such delicate organs. If there is any sign of redness or discharge have her seen by your vet asap. If it remains weepy for no obvious reason take her for a check up

You will need to have a close look, have you got someone who can hold her while you tale a closer view of her eye?
You can gently pull down the lower lid to see if their is anything obvious there that you can remove. As always if in doubt, off to the vet.

Clean their pen and put them on newspapers and hay.

Hope all goes well,


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Sep 7, 2006
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Is the cage in a place where they might get a draught? If you have eliminated the possible causes and its still not right, then I would take her to the vet. I only had my piggy a week and had to take him to the vet as he was sneezing. It could have been the hay but i was'nt sure and they gave him antibiotics.. I now have him on carefresh and give him his hay in a bowl. It needs topping up 2 or 3 times a day though!


Thank u both 4 your help.

No they are not in a draft.

Plus I'm thinking it it the bedding cause when I changed the bedding on 2 occasions after about five minutes I had itchy eyes, it only lasted for a while then went. Someone said thats the hay(like hayfever) , but Ive handled hay before with horses and Ive never had any reation, so I'm very suspicious of the shavings.. I feel awful that I even used it anyway. it was only a temporary solution till I could get some old newspapers.
I was hoping to use newspapers wth hay on top but like u said that could easily poke an eye !

my husband reckons her eyes are fine and I'm just over-reacting, I do hope so... and he's probbaly right I am a bit dramatic ! ;D

I think I would like to eliminate one at a time rather tha both, just to see what is the real cause. So Ill remove the shavings and then take it from there.

I'm a bit confused about bedding so Ill ask in the houseing section.

Thanks very much, I really appreciate your help. :)
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