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Moving back inside!

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The piggies moved outside in August but the shed is full of imperfections and keeping them warm is a big problem so as we heard the temperature is due to drop to -2 tonight they are indoorsand will remain here until the worst of the fireworks are over so around 4 weeks or until the temp gets back to normal! its such a pain cos they where just getting settled!

ALSO! This morning abby found Eddie running around the shed when he was tucked up in his hutch last night! the door came loose and we can only assume he feel but he would have falling around 4ft! hes ok though and then later this afternoon he escaped into the garden

AND! his Nail bed has swollen right up! do you think he needs to see a vet?

So many problems with the piggiewinks at the moment! had to get it all off my chest!

On a brighter note harrys op went smoothly and he can move in with the girlies in 2 weeks! xx
Not open for further replies.