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Do any of you download music and what sites do you use?

I'm looking for some particular songs that, apparently, you can only get in America. I've been searching for days at tax payers expense (while at work in other words) and just keep coming up against brick walls.
If the site has the songs, I can't have them because I don't live in america. There has got to be an easier way.
Please help me. I'm getting a dent in my head where I keep headbutting the computer ;D ;D

They don't have to be legal sites so if you want to tell me about any you use but don't want it on the forum please PM me
Bearshare is good, stay away from Kazaa though. What are the songs you want?
We tried Bearshare but we couldn't stop it from sharing our files - i'm selfish like that.

There's a couple:

C'st le Vie (you never can tell) - Chely Wright
Swing Baby - David Ball

and some others but those ones are embarressing enoiugh
I use i-tunes and they have both of them to download for 79pence. you put just the artist name in. i use this site for my ipod nano.
Thanks. I'm downloading the software. Is that all you pay for? Just the song? some sites you have to pay for the software and the song.
Well I downloaded the I tunes software but I can't get it to work. Yet more banging head on brick wall! >:(
Nothing. It just goes straight back to the download software page. I can't even access the music store or search for songs. Very strange ?
I use limewire search it in google I'm not sure of the address, its a sharing site try that x
My computer doesn't like Limewire either. We used to use that but now every time we try to use it, it freezes. I think we've got a bit of a lemon with that computer. either that, the people who work it are lemons ;D I think it's probably the latter ;D
Piggiewiggy said:
I use i-tunes and they have both of them to download for 79pence. you put just the artist name in. i use this site for my ipod nano.

me too its great :D
aww, what you after love? I don't do the download bit - I just copy them all from cds - far much easier!
I usually use Kazza, but have stopped using it, since I brought my Ipod shuffle today..except can't use the media store part as I have no credit card :(.. but there was a place to download them off apple for free...does anyone know where that is?
They're very obscure songs.
I'm making a CD for my friend for her birthday of all the songs that we dance to at our dance class so that she can practice at home too. We do line dancing so I'm looking for songs like "it's alright to be a red neck" lol
LOL yes Kelly. That's probably wise ;D ;D
Even I'm amazed at the names of some of the people who sings these songs. One of them is someone called Travis Tritt! ;D
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