My amusing (and not that bright) hamster...


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Aug 15, 2010
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I'm starting to think that Sumi might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer. Whenever we fill her bowl, she crams her face full and then runs around desperately for an hour or so, looking for a place to hide the food (note... she goes through this same process every single time and the food always ends up in the same place.) First she tries to hide it all in her nesting box, but I think then there is no room for her to sleep so after an hour or so, she always crams her cheeks full again and goes back to searching for a safe place. She always ends up putting her food in the far corner, but yesterday she got ambitious and decided to bury the food in the shavings in the corner. Good idea, Sumi! However, we quickly realized that Sumi doesn't know how to dig properly. She kept digging with her face away from the corner and thus kept actually putting MORE shavings in the corner where she was trying to dig the hole. Then she would turn around and be confused and repeat the whole process again. Finally she seemingly gave up and just piled all her food on top of the hill she had inadvertently created in the corner. No one will find it there, good job Sumi!

My son pointed out that she is extremely lucky that she is a domestic animal, as they can only fail upwards... if they fail too badly, the humans will just rescue them from their own incompetence. I feel like Sumi might not fare too well in the wild!

I should add that our other hamster always hides her food in a hole that she digs under her nesting box... she then puts shavings back over top to hide it and sleeps on top of it so she knows it's safe. She's a competent hamster. Not sure what Sumi is trying to do! LOL!