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My boys weights.

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I weighed my boys for the 2nd time last night and Joey is 500g (up 100g from 2 weeks ago) and Chandler is 540g (up 40g from 2 weeks ago). They are both 12 weeks old and are eating and drinking without any problems I was just making sure these weights are about right for their age. :)

I've put Joeys big weight gain down to the fact that he has been treated for mites and seems to be more active than before the treatment.
Feb 17, 2006
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Yorkshire Uk
Well done for weighing your boys its a great way to track their progress, and can be soooo helpful in spotting illness early. We all handle our pigs everyday so we don't always notice weightloss that way. If your pigs are younger than about 18 months then they are probably still growing so weight gain would be normal I shoudl think.

Keep up the good work with the weighing and write it down- I have found its nice to look back too! Write next to each weighings results any factors such as illness that you think might be helpful to you in the future.
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