My brood :-)

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Jan 23, 2006
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My piggies so far! Piccies will be going soon on the gallery ;)

Tonic - aged 6, a black boar with a ginger foot and hints of ginger in his coat towards the back. beautiful black eyes, he sleeps with them open! Loves to run around the flat and loves his back scratched.. favourite food is cucumber
Shares a hutch with baby Guinea

Icey - aged 3, a white sow with a ginger patch on her eye. One of my fat girlies, she doesnt like to run or move at all! gorgeous grey eyes! Her favourite food is cabbage.
Shares a hutch with daughter Tiny

Tiny - aged 2 and half.. Icey and Tonics daughter.. she is white with a brown patch on one eye and a black patch on the other.. she loves to squeak! lovely dark eyes like her dad.. another fat girlie! her favourite food is her dry mix
Loves her mummy and can be seen sometimes chewing her mummy's ear!

Peanuts - aged 2 - She is a brown, and blackmix.. she also loves to squeak! pretty dark brown eyes..her favourite food is carrot. She used to be really nervous, but ever since she started sharing the cage with Rattie and baby Cherry, she has really come out of her shell! Squeaks a lot for food! Enjoys being stroked on her head.

Rattie - aged 5 months.. white body, black n brown mix patch on eye.. loves to sleep! dark brown eyes..her favourite food is broccoli.. Squeaks a lot too! Loves to be made a fuss of!
Currently pregnant again (accidental), and has about 2 weeks left, she is really big so I would say she has about 5 in her!

Cherry - aged 7 weeks - Rattie's daughter.. shes a right jumper! gorgeous red eyes.. shes ginger with a white stripe on her head.. she loves broccolli and loves to hide in her tube!

Guinea - aged 7 weeks - Rattie's son..Cherry's twin! except his stripe is more spread out. black eyes...loves to be stroked.. he loves carrot.. loves his big Uncle Tonic! (both in the avatar pic)

have had piggies all my life, always saying that we can't have anymore! ;)

Anyway thats us lot for now.. like I said will post piccies on gallery soon..

Kelly and piggies xx :)
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