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My griffy-your memorial

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Rik Griffin (aka Griffin,Griff,Baby Griff, Griffy,Griff the Quiff,Squirt) 7th January 2006 - 24th March 2006

My baby Griff just four weeks we where together i had no idea you where ill you got better and where acting fine then i saw you this morning your buddy Zubin nudging you to wake up but you didnt wake you where gone, we are all heart broken and we will never forget you. What a fluff ball you where so sweet and NOISY! id ring the bell and you would know veg was on the way, all i had to do was walk in the room and you where there to meet me with your loud WHEEK! Zubins looking for you he will be lonely again now your gone but i will make sure we put your picture next to Rudi's above Zubins cage so your memory will live on forever my little Squirt. Miss you baby Griff Can't believe your gone

Love Verity and your buddy Zubin x

My baby griff i think that memorial says it all ill miss you, you where here jsut a few weeks but you will never be forgotton you at the bridge with rudi now ,he'll look after you xxxxxxxxx :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(



Run with my Oscar. he will guide you.

RIP Griffin.

Michele aka Mrs Mod


RIP Griff - Run free at the rainbow bridge

Your mummy loved you very much
Not open for further replies.