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These are the photos of the memorial I have set up just outside my front door.
The white cross is for Oscar as he was mainly white with black bits.
The beige one is for Barney Mcgrew who was a tabby cat.
Both have their names, birth and death dates engraved.​


I find its my way of coping. My kids moved the crosses today which wasnt a good idea. I'm very protective of it. As its where my boys are now.
Aww a beautiful memorial to them..

I can understand how protective you are of them.

My love to you Mrs Mod

Thanks Mrs Player.

It upset me big time when they moved it. It was a weird feeling that i havent experienced before. Lets just say I had to go to another room and they realised why I was upset so kept quiet which is very not like them.

bless them.

Mrs MOd
Its so lovely Michele - Bet your cats are looking down on it and loving what you have done for them!
Can understand that totally love.. Aww kiddy-winks quiet - they knew what they'd done, they didn't mean anything by moving them..

Big hugs..

Mrs Player xx
I know they didnt. But i just felt so protective of them. Anyone touches them they will know about it.
Of course you would be love, maybe they just didnt realise how much they actually meant to you..

Big hugs again

its very special to you and a place you can connect with Oscar and Barney, I have an apple tree where Henry my rex is buried and I often sit on the bench next to it just thinking of him,
when we lived in Essex I lost my precious dog muffin he was cremated and his ashes were put in a box for burying which I did in a special little corner, come the time we moved house i made my hubby dig his box up and wrapped it in muffins old quilt and brought it with us, he will be reburied alongside my 2 other dogs we have now, when the time comes,
your memorial is similar to muffins old one but I could'nt bare to leave him behind, just as well he was in a box and was cremated i suppose,
your memorial is your special place and you dont want anyone, not even the kids intruding on it , I can understand that and the kids will do too,
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