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My piggies have got me sooo confused.... please help.

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Jan 27, 2006
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Just when I thought I was getting these piggies sussed they've gone and confused the hell out of me :o so I thought I'd come to you my piggie friends and either get some answers or confuse you all too ;D so here goes.......

Theres Piggie (boar 3 months had for a month) and Chester (boar 4 months had for 3 weeks) when we first put them together after careful introductions ie: neutral territory etc they had a couple of days of trying to figure out the dominance, or rather Piggie tried to muscle Chester who was having none of it! then they came to some sort of agreement, Piggie stopped mounting Chester and Chester stopped making noises like a machine gun! Funnily enough though during floor time Piggie seems to take the dominant role.

So we had a few weeks of relative peace just a bit of head raising but nothing serious, but for the last couple of days they've been a nightmare, Chester is stopping Piggie eating, the machine gun is back, Piggie's fur stands on end, they go up on their hind legs, Piggie is rumblestrutting, and once they've actually flown at each other. Although if I see any pre fighting a short sharp "boys" seems to do the trick. I recently put a shoebox house in for them that Piggie took ownership of but now Chester seems to have evicted him! Has this caused the problems?

But the really confusing thing is that sometimes straight after a mini scrap, they go mad popcorning all over the cage. Now I thought this was just a very happy action so you can see why I'm so confuzzled! Sorry this was so long :)

Bev x x

Hiya Bevs!

Two of my boars, Chester & Duddly are simaler and acted like that at first. What I had to do is put in two of everything so they wouldn't fight over it. It probably is just the house but maybe they just are having some dominance issues. I have two dry food bowls, two water bottles, two houses (not the same) so they don't fight over one thing and now they live together great!

Keep us updated!


The house is the only thing they don't have 2 of so i'm gonna try taking it out or putting another one in and see if that makes it any better, the popcorning still has me very confuzzled though :o
I got another male pig 4 my boar late last year and they where just like yours the best of friends but it all went rong they hada massive scrap and i couldnt get 2 them my sister got bitten and i had 2 seperate them, I'm now Neutering Zubin and gettin him a female as Rudi passed away over christmas. Mine also popcorned after they had a scrap I'm not sure though y? :)
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