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Nettles in hay?

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Jan 27, 2006
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Is it normal to find what looks and feels (ouch!) like a dried stinging nettle in the bottom of a bag of meadow hay? Glad my fingers found it before my poor boys mouths did :(
I often find sharp thorny bits in the hay. I suppose it can't be avoided. I just make sure I feel all through it with my hands first before I let G&M loose in it.
I'm guessing that would be natural to find as if its all bagged straight away then there are going to be nettles and stuff,

the stuff gem and i use is pretty good, we get it from a pet shop called jollyes. not sure of the name, but its all good stuff.
If you go to Jolleys - you can get a type of readigrass there called "Friendly" it'll be with the snall animal bedding stuff.

I'm lucky that I have a farm not far from me that sells lovely hay. A bale is only £2.50 and I stick it in the green garden waste bin I got free from the council ;D
cool we might check that out then, we might be using that already, I'm not sure of the name...hehe
Its when you find bits of mice and stuff you have to start worrying :-X
I found a dead mouse once but nettles are quite often in the meadow hay I just put on my rubber gloves and yank them out
I think I'm one of the lucky ones (famous last words), that I haven't found anything 'bad' as yet! ;D
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