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Jul 6, 2020
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Hi all

Lastnight I decided to take on 2 female guiney pigs. Not knowing much about them to be honest other than they are really cute 😊 they are both approx a year old (maybe abit younger) and we have named them Tilly and Milly.

I am reading all sorts of contradicting information. Can I use wood shavings on the floor of their cage or is straw/hay much better or a fleece type blanket? Would they prefer to be in a open play pen type environment other than the cage? They will get lots of cuddles and interaction. What types of toys do they like most? Do they like ramps? I seen a very large 2 tier cage with lots of extra room but has a ramp and I read they don't really like ramps?. I've noticed today the larger of the 2 is more dominant. Is this normal? When we handle them they make a high pitched noise which I don't know if its distress or not.

Any advice is welcome



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Aug 2, 2018
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Welcome to the forum

Don’t use straw, it is too sharp for guinea pigs and they can’t eat it. Whatever type of bedding you choose to use, they still need lots of hay as it is their main food source.

A lot of people use c&c cages as they are more versatile and are larger than traditional cages.
Two tier cages are not necessary as guinea pigs are ground roaming creatures and prefer their space to be on one level. If you do get a two tier cage then that is fine but do be aware that the cage needs to meet size requirement on the ground level and that the upper level does not count towards the cage size. The size for two females is a minimum of 120Cm x 60cm but if you can offer more than that is great.

Toys - most piggies are interested in toys but big piles of hay for them to play in, sleep in and eat are their main source of entertainment, or cardboard tubes usually are a big hit!

As they a new piggies you are best to leave them to settle in for a few days, cover their cage with a blanket and let them settle in for a few days doing nothing more than feeding and keeping their cage clean. If they are distressed by handling so soon after arrival, then slow things down.

Below is a collection of guides covering many topics, do give them a read.

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