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Teenage Guinea Pig
Oct 4, 2010
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Cardiff, Wales

well I now find myself owning a 4th gorgeous little boar. wasnt intended to have 4 but I couldn't leave him. I went into a pet store in town which I have never been in before cos I needed to get some hay. I walked in and saw that it was mainly reptiles etc they sold so thought they wouldnt have any hay but then I saw this small cage with a tiny little guinea pig in, he was on his own and very nervous well my heart definitely over ruled my head and I had to get him. This shop really annoyed the staff were lovely but they had NO CLUE about guinea pigs all they said that their from their friend who breeds them!! they told me nothing about caring for him at all. so now he is safe and away from those reptiles.

they said he is about 7 weeks old he is tiny - now I got 3 other boys between 6 to 8 months old. I didnt introduce them straight away I let the new guy have some time to relax and have a little look around. I introduced him to my other boys individually - to my relief no teeth chatting just ALOT of rumblestrutting, back end business sniff/ licking whatever they do and mouting.

Basically they are all doing it like whenever the new boy wants a wonder around he gets constantly hassled mounted etc by them can someone tell me why? are they just putting him in his place. he is so tiny and the other are quite abit larger than him. I'm pretty certain the new boy is a boy but it does make me question when the poor thing is getting mounted constantely by the others.
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