New job

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I start my new job on 6th Feb. I am looking forward to it, but then again I am kinda scared. I used to work in a pet shop which sold animals and I loved it, but I had to leave. This new job is at another pet shop but it doesn't sell animals. Animals are my strong point, I'm slightly worried that I won't get how to work in the shop properly.
It's only a six month contract but I have already been told I will proberbly be kept on permanently. If I get mondays, wednesdays or fridays off I will be able to do a dog grooming course in april. It's only a three month long course and 1 day a week, but it should mean I will be a quialified (don't think I spelt that right) groomer by june/july!

I don't wana leave my animals for around 9hours a day agian :-[ I have been unemployed for the last 2 months so I have been at home with them everyday!


That sounds fab! You will love it I am sure. Just think of the money it will help you save to start dog grooming!
I start back work on the 6th Feb too :'(
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