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New Owners' Most Helpful How-To Guides and Information

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Mar 10, 2009
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Here is a collection of the most asked for guides that we recommend our new guinea pig owners to read through to get them and their family safely started on their piggy journey.
We have got a lot more information at the top of our various Care sections, and of course questions in these sections are always welcome! We will answer them all.

Settling in and interacting with your guinea pigs
How Do I Settle Shy New Guinea Pigs?
Arrival in a home from the perspective of pet shop guinea pigs
Understanding Prey Animal Instincts, Guinea Pig Whispering And Cuddling Tips
How To Pick Up And Weigh Your Guinea Pig
" Biting" And What You Can Do

Family guinea pigs
Children And Guinea Pigs - A Guide For Parents
Children And Guinea Pigs - Age Appropriate Interaction And Responsibilities.
Guinea Pig Names: considerations, problem solvers, inspiration and resources

Long Term Balanced General And Special Needs Guinea Pig Diet
A Comprehensive Hay Guide for Guinea Pigs (incl. providers in several countries)
Edible And Forbidden Veg And Fruit List With Vitamin C Grading
All About Drinking And Bottles
Feeding Grass And Preparing Your Piggies For Lawn Time

Housing, bedding and climate protection
Cage Size Guide
All About C & C Grid Cages Around The World
Sourcing Conventional Cages And Hutches
Bedding For Guinea Pigs - Overview
A Detailed Guide For Fleece Bedding

Hot weather management and heat strokes
Cold Weather Care For Guinea Pigs

Safe and dangerous toys
Enrichment Ideas for Guinea Pigs
Potentially Dangerous Cage Accessories And Toys

Guinea pig body and care
Sexing Guide

Guinea pig body quirks
Weight - Monitoring and Management
Boar Care: Bits, Bums & Baths
Guide to Cutting Guinea Pig Nails

Social needs and behaviour
Guinea Pig Facts - An Overview
Guinea Pigs And Rabbits - Why Not

Bonding and Interaction: Illustrated social behaviours and bonding dynamics
A Comprehensive Guide to Guinea Pig Boars
Sows: Behaviour and female health problems (including ovarian cysts)
Adding More Guinea Pigs Or Merging Pairs – What Works And What Not?
Bonds In Trouble

Preparing for illness
What to check and look out for in new guinea pigs (vet checks, sexing, parasites&illness)
Syringe Training Before The Need For Medicating
First Aid Kit: Easily available non-medication support products for an emergency (does NOT replace a vet visit!)
Early Signs Of Illness
Tips For Vet Visits

When to seek vet care
How Soon Should My Guinea Pig See A Vet? - A Quick Guide
List Of Life And Death Out-of-hours Emergencies
Emergency and Bridging Care until a Vet Appointment

Insurance & vet fee information and recommended vets
Please note that vet clinics in many countries require upfront payment. Vet fees can quickly climb into several hundreds of pounds/dollars when you face operations or complicated health issues.
Please ensure from the beginning that you can afford vet care at any time by either getting insurance or by saving up for a vet fund on a weekly or monthly basis.
There is nothing like the heart-break and the family rows caused by the suffering of a severely ill pet!

veterinary fees - some important information

Recommended UK vets: Guinea Pig Vet Locator
Recommended vets in the US and some other countries: Guinea Lynx :: GL's Vet List

Recommended guinea pig rescues
These good standard rescues are by far the safest place for getting guinea pigs that do not come with nasty surprises (mis-sexing, pregnancy, parasites, ringworm or respiratory infection).
Please note that in English speaking countries anybody can call themselves a rescue or a breeder without licence or control of conditions. We can only guarantee for the listed thoroughly checked rescues and not at all for breeders where rules only cover shows, but not home care.

Recommended UK rescues: Guinea Pig Rescue Centre Locator
Recommended rescues in the US and some other countries: Guinea Lynx :: Rescue Organizations
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