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HI my name is Jacqui and I have 3 little piggies,3 bunnies and 3 children.I first bought a pig and rabbit for my eldest son and fell in love the pet shop actually advised me to put the rabbit and pig together and said the tiny 2ftx1ft hutch was big enough, also another shop has told me I can give my pigs rabbit food as long as they get plenty of veg is this right?
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First things first
Hiya! welcome to the forum I'm Verity and i have 5 piggies 3 boys and 2 girls

Now as for the pet shop as far as i know thats incorrect information! there is a mineral or vitamin cant remember which present in rabbit food that is not in piggie food meaning they dont need it! and i am completely against keeping a rabbit and piggie together my rabbits and guineas have never been together before in their lives! a rabbit has powerful back legs which could easily kill a piggie with one blow, when my biggiest bunny kicks me it winds me!

you say you have bunnies so I'm sure you are aware how strong they are!

anyways the others on here know a fair bit more than me so could probably be more helpful with the food thing x


Hi Jaqui, welcome to the forum.

I agree that piggies and rabbits shouldn't live together either.
As for rabbit food, as far as I know the only rabbit food you can give to a piggie is Chudleys Rabbit Royal, I give it to mine mixed with either Allan and Paige Guinea pig mix or Wagg guinea pig food. Lots of veg is good too, daily, some people feed it twice daily I think.
Do you have any pics of your piggie, I love pics of piggies! ;D


Hello Jacqui,

I agree - rabbits and guinea pigs are not good together. I believe it is better to feed guinea pig food to piggies and rabbit food to rabbits as their nutritional requirements are diifferent. Piggies do not manufacture their own vitamin C so piggie foods often have added vitamin C. Piggies should also have unlimited hay and some veggies every day.

In terms of that hutch size - what were the pet shop suggesting went into the tiny hutch? It is not big enough for a pair of piggies in my opinion (and it is not big enough for a rabbit - the RSPCA minimum recommendations for a rabbit hutch is 6ftx2ftx2ft).

Do you have any pictures of yours?



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Sep 7, 2006
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No! some rabbit food contains an antibiotic to prevent the disease coccidios. This antibiotic is fatal to guinea pigs. Also the food is specially prepared to cater for their needs. The rabbit needs extra vit D, the piggy extra vit C. So one or the other will miss out on these vtamins. If possible you should try to put the rabbits in with the rabbits and guineas in with the guineas. You may have to neuter a few of them depending on the sex. They hutch is way too small as well. The rabbit may unintentionally kick the piggy, especially in such a confined space.

Forgot to say Hi and welcome! ;D


so thats a deffinate NO on the food then,I thought that the vit c thing might have been a problem had no idea it could actually harm them though.As for living arrangements it's ok we got that sorted as soon as a brought them home and bought a book,the pig they sold me was also a girl not a boy as they had said and only 5wks old,unfortunatly I bought another boy to go in with it when I seperated them from the rabbits .Penny was already pregnant before I realised she was a girl and lost the babies a few weeks ago :(


Hello and welcome to the forum :)
You've had lads of great advice I see!


I totally agree with the previous post - Rabbit food is a definate No-No for Pigs! The cage is as mentioned too small for piggies let alone rabbit and pig. Baby pig could stay in that cage for 2 weeks max. Grr when will these pet shops be closed down!!! Simple information for anyone thinking of opening a pet shop could easily be available, when they apply for permission to run a pet shop to their council the permission should include a basic knowledge of correct animal care!


Can I just say that Chudleys Rabbit Royal IS ok for guinea's it has everything in it they need, or so I am told and know people that use it, so unless someone can tell me otherwise? If you can, i will stop using it.
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