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Zubin loves Ed but whenever he nugges his tummy he nips him, theres no blood but I'm worried so i wont let them b together when i cant see them do any of your boars do this hellp!?
Hi Verity, I'm not an expert on new piggies joining another piggy but I thought you need to keep them separate for about 2 weeks. You might find that Ed doesnt have your scent and Zubin can still smell other humans and other piggies on him. Might be wise to separate them for awhile. If zubin has a blanket putthat in with ed so ed gets zubins smell and vica verse. Not sure if thats right but its must be similar to cats and when you introduce them.
They are fine. Little pigs like to nuzzle under tummies. Zubin is just saying 'no, I don't like that'. Guinea used to with Ton, but a quick nip tells him to stop!

It's not even a bite, he doesn't even get hold of the skin.

I'm sure Eddie and Zubin will be fine together. They just need to get used to each other. Anymore than a nip, then they need separating.
ok, i would keep them apart for that time but by then he will be 10 weeks and when harry was that age he hated another pig and i dont want to risk it if it happens much more then i will. i remember Rudi doing it to Zub when he was little x
Kool, will put them together for the first night tomoro lol x
Cool, il lget on it then how old was Lil guinea when he was with Ton?
AWWW he must have been teeny! lol i have sent some pics of Ed from my mums phone so i should upload them soon i have put htem together again and they are enjoying there salad at the mo, not too much though i learnt from the mistakes with Griff, Zubins salad is on his ledge and unless Ed is really clever he wont get it x
I no hes so cute and Ton, I'm havin issues with Zubin because when Ed and him talk Harry buts in which makes Zubin angry he is still nipping him but Ed nussled me today and it is irritating lol
Lol first night together tonight! i may need ear plugs after the rumbles and squeaks from Grif and Zubin!
Lol yeah and they need me to get my swearing when they're noisy out of mine hehe x
Hmm we shall see!, they are ok at the mo but Eddie follows Zub everywhere! and thats when Zubi jumps to the ledge as if to say nah nah na na nah! lol i need piccies i sent some to myself but they never came through! x
went up there just a sec ago and they seem fine, Ed is still nuzzling but Zubin in ok with it and Harrys lying on his shoe box watchin them lol hes so curios as to what he can smell but if i let him see ed he might smell like him and then Zub would attack him x
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