Oh You Silly Boys! Not Sure Who's The Dominant One Right Now

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Jun 6, 2015
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Barrie, Ontario, Canada
My silly boars are causing me quite a bit of amusement lately.

Oreo and Rusty are both around 4 months old and have been together since shortly after birth.

Oreo's always been the dominant one. He loves to rumblestrut and drops boar stankbombs on occasion. In fact, when he stretches out and moves slowly while rumblestrutting and pooping I think he looks like a destroyer dropping depth charges over his stern.


Rusty, on the other hand, has always been fairly placid and would only nip at Oreo if he was bothering him for too long. Oreo humped Rusty once when I first moved them into their 5X2 C&C. Since then, nothing.

Well, over the last week, Rusty has undergone a *ahem* transformation. His testicles dropped. And when I say dropped, I mean DROPPED. He's 100 grams lighter than Oreo but his boys are dragging on the ground. They're way bigger than Oreo's. :eek:

And since they've dropped, he's become more aggressive. He doesn't rumblestrut -- I've never heard him do it ever; he usually has a whiney wheek at Oreo when he's annoyed -- and he rarely marks but he's now getting in Oreo's face.

Take today, for example. Oreo's running laps -- he loves to do that -- while Rusty was in the kitchen eating. Every lap included a dash under the hidey stool Rusty usually sleeps under. After four or five laps, Rusty ran under the stool and raised his nose and hackles and challenged Oreo.

Before, Oreo would have bowled over Rusty but this time he stopped in his tracks, turned around and slunk under his hidey stool, giving a half-hearted 'brrrrr.'

In the afternoon, Rusty challenged Oreo half a dozen times. No teeth chattering, no biting, no rumblestrutting -- just getting in Oreo's face and feigning a nip. He also looks like he's fencing with Oreo. Parry! Thrust! Touche!

Not sure if Rusty's making a play to be top pig or just being more assertive. Should make for interesting times over the next several months.

I also saw something else from the two of them for the first time. Oreo happened to be facing away from me and was sort of hunched over. I thought he was getting ready to eat some poop when I saw him start to tense his bum -- once, twice and out popped his willy. Except it wasn't just the normal willy I see when cleaning his bits. Two white prongs came out too -- they sort of looked like barbs. :eek: He then proceeded to clean himself. Not 10 minutes later, Rusty did the same thing. What a freak show.

Ah the joys of owning boars. :lol:

Here are the two hooligans.

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Mar 10, 2009
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Coventry UK
Looks like you are having fun with your cute pair!

Boars have got two hooks at the front of the penis tip that help them get the job done if the lady is not sitting still for long enough. In order to mate, they depend on cooperation. The individual size of the treasure chest can also vary enormously. :)

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