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Old Boar and Young Boar

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Have a two year old boar who has always lived alone, I now have another guinea which is a 8 week old boar. I have tried introducing the two in neutral teritory, but the young one makes a growling noise. They are also constantly trying to mount each other. I am frightend the older one will not tolerate him and bite the baby so I keep taking him off the older one when he mounts him and have ended up seperating them after 5 minutes. The older one makes no noises when he sees the baby he just shakes alot. Any advice appreciated.
Tonic was 5 when he was intoduced to 6 week old Guinea.. yeah Tonic mounted him a lot! He had to get rid of some frustration and boars always have to work out which is the dominant one out of the two.. My two were like this for a couple of days but afterwards they were fine and now get on brilliantly!

Best way is to clean out the cage/hutch the put them in together as there are no 'old' smells.

For a while you may just have to leave them to it.. If they are biting each other to the extent where it draws blood, then maybe you shouldn't keep them together..

Other than the above, they should be fine together

The older one shaking, sounds like he's rumbling.. usual sign

Kelly and piggies xx
Rudi was 3 when he met Zubin (then 8 weeks) and they did the excat same thing i left them to it but wathced from a distance and eventually they where ok now Rudis passed away i bought Griffin for Zubin and there the best of friends i bough Griffin on 25th of feb and they live together now Zubin did the hole mounting rubbleing to i wouldnt worry too much just keep a eye on them Zubin has now practically stoped the mounting and rubbling so it wont last forever hope they get on x
my 1yr old boar is currently being paired with a 5 week old and it is going very well, he did hump him once though LOL
LOL - isnt it funny? Jin and Tonic were my gay boys! They used to take it in turn!

Tonic doesn't hump Guinea anymore..

Kelly aka Mrs Player xx
Humping is totally normal when pigs are first introduced - some sows do it too!

Check out Barmy 4 Boars for really good info about introducing piggies.
I wouldnt worry. My sows were like that before they had their hysterectomies(ovarian cysts). Freddie was th eone who did it and worked out it was when she was in season she also grunted like a boar too. She doesnt do it now after the operation.
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