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one or two guinea pigs and sex

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hi i do hope someone will be able to help me, i did have two guinea pigs both male and now one as died and ive been advised to get a female which as been nuted would you say that this is correct and what age would you say the female would have to be and will they fight or be nasty to adults and children as ive got two children and i dont want the guinea pigs to fight and end up killing themselves please help thanks :)


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You'll be lucky to get a spayed female guinea pig as it's a big operation to put a sow through, expensive too for most rescues to do routinely.

Your options are to find a young baby boar, I'd suggest 8 weeks at the youngest (opinions vary on the best age) and try to pall them up. Or you could get your male neutered if he is not too old and find him a female comanion.

A good guineapig or general rescue that takes in piggies, would be happy to help and advise you on what may be best for you, your guinea pig and family :) They will also offer continued advice and back up, if things don't go as planned. And unfortunately sometimes they don't.
What area are you in? If you can let us know, we might be able to point you in the right direction.



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I live in Rugby so very close to you. Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare in Rugby neuter their females however I have heard their is a waiting list for them.
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