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Pendulum dowsing

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Has anyone ever tried this?

I'm interested in crystal healing and in my collection I have a couple of crystal pendulums, an amethyst one and a quartz crystal.
The idea is very old but it's very simple.

You may have seen or heard of people dowsing over a pregnant mums tummy, in the hope of discovering the gender of the baby inside her. They can be used to supposedly find lost objects.... as well as answering general questions.

Obviously like most things, they shouldn't be taken too seriously, but most people that use them find them uncannily accurate...I've certainly found this to be the case ;)

If you haven't got a proper pendulum, you can use a key on a piece of string or thread or a ring, which is I think traditionally used.
Of course the crystals are much prettier and become attuned to your vibrations ::)

Nice pendulums can be bought quite cheaply on eBay, though it's nice to select your own crystal one if you can :)
wouldn't be without mine ;D
Aug 30, 2006
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Theres a Crystal and healing shop opening today that is about a 2 min walk away from me and I cant wait!
I used to have one and it told me loads of things but I just used it as a guide when I feel I need a little help in life. I have angel cards and Tarot cards and lots of little angel ornaments about the house. And I wont even go into the feathers I have had!



I've tried it - it is good fun.

Like you say, I wouldn't base important decisions only on the answer from the pendulum but I have used it to predict the sex of my friends and my Aunty's baby.


I have a lovely heart shaped crystal pendulum and I used to dowse a lot. It's amazing. However fast its spinning, if you say "thank you" it stops dead.
I also found that if you're doing it with a non believer, it doesn't work. Also if you repeat, in your mind, "yes" or "no" the pendulum will swing that way. For example, I asked it if I was a purple banana from outer space and kept repeating "yes" in my mind and it swung to yes. ;D So you have to completely empty your mind of the answer you want and let the pendulum make up its own mind.
Of course I might be a purple banana fron outer space. It would explain a lot ;D


I use a pendulum dowser alot especially if I'm doing a bit of healing - I like use it alot for unlocking Chackras. I have 2 - I citrine & the other is a rare purlple mauve one whos name escapes me (not amethyst). I do have dowsing rods but am not convinced yet that its not me moving them.
I use it for general divination & it they are always in my bag alongside the nail clippers & Ivomec (yes I carry that too!).

I have tried it as a Mediumship tool which worked well but I'm more interested in the Healing side of things.
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