pet memorial

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does anyone know where i can get a pet memorial made of stone that you can put flowers in? I have order 2 stone crosses for both my cats engraved but i want a stone memorial in the middle so i can put flowers in for my garden.
Hi Michele,

I got Fluffy a really lovely placque in Homebase which you send off for. Was about £18.

I then bought Fluffy a big plant pot and I put the placque in that. I will take a pic next time I am at my mum's House.
thanks for the infor.

I bought 2 marble crosses fro the petsremembered company. They are on ebay too so did it through there. They are both being engraved too. Also went to my florist and picked up a hexagon shaped flower vase thing to. The memorial is nearly done just waiting for the crosses now. As soon as its finished I will pop a photo on here. Kids lvo eit and so do i.
Some garden centers do the pots that look like pepper pots (marble base with the lid having the holes in it). They are good (and designed for) putting flower in.
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