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petrol and electric cars

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Anyone own one or heard of anyone who has a petrol hybrid car (petrol and electric). I'm looking at cars to buy and see that these are cheap on petrol road tac is onyl £40 a year and the honda hybrid looks very nice
yea, i konw someone who has one...they says its really kool and saves lots of gas!
the toyota prius is very nice... think it does around 45-60mpg (depending on usage) and starts at 17k for basic model... and god if road tax is really that cheap then its a good deal...

read on the net that someone got 85mpg... no idea how but if thats possible then the pricetag doesnt matter becuase itl be paying for itself
Havent done any lessons yet but i was looking at a eletric cars too,
The honda one that i'm looking at does 47 in towns and 65mpg combined urban whatever that means. Looks really nice. not sure how much the OCtane petrol is though. I know its cheaper. The honda is a 1.5 years old and is going for just inder 11,000 so not bad. £40 is brill for road tax. the other car i'm looking at is a honda accord (noraml petrol) and its £160 road tax. LOL. what a saving.
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