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Pigging Out

Bryce will be seeing Simon tomorrow. He is still drooling (more now than last week), so there must still be something going on in his mouth. He is eating when on our lap during feeding time. Sometimes he tries on his own but gets frustrated at times. Hopefully we'll know more of the issue tomorrow.

Here he is being comfy on my lap. My poor legs got numb though coz I didn't want to disturb him. 🙄:own:

So we're just on our way home. I noticed the other day that Bryce's right bottom incisor became unlevel with the other tooth. This was the tooth that we thought all the abscesses came from. It has discolouration and grew a bit slanted and not straight. Anyway, today when Simon saw and examined it, he said it was moving/wobbly and it must be the one causing Bryce discomfort. Hubby and I didn't even realise that it was moving. I know it was causing issue because it changed how it looked but not that it's started to become wobbly.

Anyway, Simon had to finally remove it since it was already moving and would just cause more issue if we just wait it out to fall off on its own. He had to give him a whiff of gas to do it, and it's needed anyway because he can't check what's going on in his back teeth coz Bryce was refusing so much and won't even allow him to touch inside his cheek. And his breathing was becoming bad because of the stress from it. He said it might be because he was traumatised from previous teeth procedures, which surprised Simon. He said he's done thousands of guinea pigs teeth and Bryce seems to be the only one he seen this traumatised. 🙄🤷‍♀️ I mean Ellie had the same experience with him last week when she removed the spur and she wanted to give him gas too when she did it, only that he calmed down after 10mins so she managed to do it consciously. Why do we always get the weird piggies? 🤦‍♀️

He looks perky enough when he woke up and I managed to give him 3mls of water and he managed to grab a tiny piece of watermelon from my hand. He is a bit uncomfy chewing still but at least he showed interest.
He's been eating by himself today. Hubby only had to give him some CC when he woke up at 7am and before we left this morning at 10:30am to meet up some friends for lunch. He's been popcorning a few times too. His weight this morning is around 1220g so the same as yesterday morning, which is good. He didn't lose weight. 😁😊:yahoo:

It's almost a week now since Bryce's tooth has been pulled out. He was doing great. His current weight is around 1250g now. But last night, he must have done something to make his legs sore again. He was running and popcorning for a few days and then last night after he and Whitney went to the other piggie area at the other side of the room, I heard him wheek loud. I thought Whitney just did something to him, like pushed him away from a box. Then I picked him up to give his Gabapentin. When I put him back to the floor, he wheeked again when he tried to run. 😑😔 It's one thing after another with him!

He's been wheeking everytime he stretches/move to walk or run today. He can still move but every now and then he would wheek. So tonight he's on bed rest and we have to separate him from Whitney. She can be very rowdy at times and she usually tries to kick Bryce out from the boxes at night, and we want him to rest his legs. The good thing is Bryce is still eating, unlike before when he had tooth/abscess problems.

I feel I want to cry every time he would wheek of pain. 😭😭
We started using the 4joints for Hamish after reading about it here. He now loves it as much as the metacam & will take the 4joints without having to be picked up.

He hated the biscuit things.
Dignified Sir George loves it and Mischievous Master Boris has to be given a little diluted or will try desperately to steal the syringe. He seems to like it more than any other syringe stuff!