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Pigging Out

So Bryce is better this afternoon. He was isolated from Whitney since last night and we just put him back with her now. We have to lock both of them in their play area for now so Bryce won't try to run back and forth from the 2 piggy areas. He is walking fine again and walking to every food bowls again. He is squeeking a lot less from pain. We did increase dosage of his Loxicom since last night so I'm guessing it has helped.
We took Bryce to C&R today to be seen by Simon. Yesterday evening, we noticed that he wasn't eating. He was eating okay in the afternoon but stopped last night. We noticed that he was pawing his cheek again when trying to chew and some of the food seemed to be getting stuck in his mouth, making him lose interest in eating again. So we phoned C&R at 8am today to get an appointment for today. We managed to get an 11:20am appointment, so we just drove straight to Northampton.

Simon checked his back teeth and he said one of the back teeth on the right side was growing towards the tongue and trapping it a bit, hence making Bryce uncomfortable with eating. Some of the back teeth were also growing a bit awkward, but it's a good thing that we brought him right away in the first sign of him showing being uncomfortable. This prevented him getting some ulcers in the mouth again so it's easier to tidy up the teeth today coz Bryce didn't fight him and he wasn't really hurting. Simon also said that the jaw bones seem to be a bit swollen but this could be as a result of the abscess that he had and it affected the jaws and teeth. Only time will tell whether Bryce would need ongoing teeth treatments and how often it would need to be done. It didn't help that he had an arthitic episode over the weekend that made him eat less, hence the teeth has grown.

So we might go back in 2 weeks again depending on how Bryce's teeth grows. But Simon is optimistic that in due time it will grow back to normal since the abscess has stopped and the tooth that has caused all the issues was already removed.
Thank you for sharing this with us. Top class guinea pig care! Tooth care seems to be terribly important in guinea pigs, but potentially quite tricky.