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Piggy twitching and falling over

Discussion in 'Health & Illness' started by Cookiepeace, Mar 6, 2012.

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  1. Cookiepeace

    Cookiepeace New Born Pup

    Mar 6, 2012
    Hi. I really don't know what else to do, so I turned here.

    My piggy, Prince, who is turning 5 next week, for the past maybe 4 hours has been extremely twitchy and has started falling over himself. About three months ago we had gotten him neutered so we could have him play with a female mate who he used to live with when he was a baby. They get along just fine, but after the neutering surgery he just hasn't been the same. He lost a lot of weight and I could feel his bones, I took him to the vet again to see what was going on. Tey said it was the start of scurvy and that we needed to force feed him. They gave me the critical care food and a lot of vitamin c shots and for about a moth he was on the road to recovery. This past week he has been decreasing gradually in weight again (we have a scale that weighs small items so we can be exact) and he has lost all of the weight he gained. When I took him to the vet that first time his legs weren't working very well and they said it was a vitamin c deficiency. His legs were completely back to normal for the last month until today. This morning he looked very sleepy, but he was walking fine. I checked on him tonight and he was falling over himself. I actually thought he had a small seizure for a few seconds because he was falling over and shaking. I set him down on the ground and watched him for a minute and his head was moving strangely from side to side. As if he was scanning the room, or reading a book. A slow continuous side to side motion, his eyes are also twitching, it looks as if he is reading an intense novel and he can't stop. It's very late and I've been trying to get him to eat, he refuses mostly everything although I was able to give him a little bit of parsley. I saved the critical care food from last vet visit and am giving him that, I'm also manually feeding him water with a seringe. He seems exhausted and couldn't get to sleep so I was holding him trying to help him. He finally was able to crash out in his cage and is sleeping currently. I have to wake him up in an hour or two to give him some water, because right now he cannot move at all. Our vet is over an hours drive away and Prince really hates the car. I don't want to traumatized him unnecessarily but we are going to call the vet tomorrow to see if she can tell me anything over the phone. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be happening? Please let me know, I'm extremely worried, I love the little guy. Anyway, let me know if you have any ideas or need more information. Thank you!
  2. AndreaJane

    AndreaJane *Photo Competition Winner*
    Forum Donator 2014/15

    Jul 24, 2011
    I'm sorry I don't know what it could be but it's obvious he needs to see a vet. I do hope your vet can help him. So sorry you're going through this. It's very traumatic when our piggies become suddenly ill. :laluot_29:
  3. it doesn't sound like you should wait until tomorrow, or just speak to a vet on the phone. I think you need to take him to a vets today.
  4. Cookiepeace

    Cookiepeace New Born Pup

    Mar 6, 2012
    Well, it's 4am right now so we can't do anything right now. I just fed him water and a bunch of veggies and he just hopped out of his cage and onto the couch (he has his own couch :P) and I think jes trying to get some sleep now. We'll call the vet tomorrow and maybe one of the girls from there can come look at him. If anyone has had a guinea pig with this before that would be extremely helpful as well, otherwise thanks to those who replied.
  5. Amanda1801

    Senior Guinea Pig

    Mar 28, 2011
    Bristol, UK
    I don't think this can wait until tomorrow. It sounds like he's having some kind of seizure episode. Keep an eye on his temperature (a seizure will scramble the brain, he may get got or cold) and keep him somewhere dark and quiet where he can't hurt himself.

    You really need to call the emergency vet for advice. Call your regular vet & there will be instructions on how to contact the emergency vet.
  6. 1_winged_angel

    1_winged_angel Junior Guinea Pig

    Jan 16, 2011
    Hope did the same thing, he had a brain tumor sadly and passed away after one huge fit :(
  7. Abi_nurse

    Abi_nurse Adult Guinea Pig

    Please see a vet, it sounds neurological.

  8. Cookiepeace

    Cookiepeace New Born Pup

    Mar 6, 2012
    We're calling the vet today and hopefully one of the doctors that we know that lives by our house can come and look at him. The poor thing hates the car ride, it's so bumpy for him. Anyway, thank you for your replies. I'll keep you all posted.
  9. first_time_piggie_mum

    first_time_piggie_mum Adult Guinea Pig

    Jul 10, 2011
    sounds like a hes having or has had a stroke :(

    Hope the vet manages to help him
  10. sharonS

    sharonS Adult Guinea Pig

    Nov 15, 2008
    Stoke-on-Trent UK
    Sounds to me like it is a stroke, any more news on the little fella?
  11. Cookiepeace

    Cookiepeace New Born Pup

    Mar 6, 2012
    Well we call the vet and are waiting for a reply. He is seeming slightly better than last night, very sleepy and I keep feeding him by hand and giving him water. I did notice something, where his teeth are on the bottom it looks like there's a small tooth growing in front of his regular two bottom teeth. Is that normal? Because if not then that may be a reason for the loss of appetite... His stomach is also making some noises, bubbles or gas maybe?
  12. Abi_nurse

    Abi_nurse Adult Guinea Pig

    The teeth thing does not sound normal at all. Please take him to the vet, i know he may not enjoy the ride, but i think it is more important that he gets checked out at the surgery. He needs to see a vet.

  13. Glynis

    Forum Buddy

    Hi and welcome to the forum to you and your little piggie Prince :)
    As everyone has said it is imperative your piggie sees the vets as soon as possible..... this is not normal behaviour for a piggie :(
    I do hope they can get to the bottom of the head tilting (maybe an ear infection?) and he gains some weight back.
    Please keep us updated, you'll get lots of lovely help and encouragement from everyone :)
    Would love for you to pop on some pigtures in our stories/photo's section.


    Glynis, Velvet and Onyx x
  14. Cookiepeace

    Cookiepeace New Born Pup

    Mar 6, 2012
    Thanks every one for the support.
    We called the vet on the phone and I sent her a picture of the strange tooth, he said that the tooth is definitely not normal and would need to be taken out, but in order to do that he would need to go under anesthesia and he is not in the condition to do that. My dad is going to the vet right now, but I'm staying home with the piggy. I was able to tell the vet all of his symptoms and she was able to make a pretty good guess that it is bacterial meningitis. She said it could also be a ear infection but his symptoms fit bacterial meningitis better. My dad is picking up two antibiotics, some pain killer, more critical care food ad a fluid shot for dehydration purposes. The little guy is very tired and sleeps on my stomach a lot, we're going to do everything we can to make sure jes comfortable and we hope he's able to pull through. I have one question, god forbid it but in case he doesn't recover, how long do you guys think he would have before the infection just took over? We were thinking weeks maybe, but I'm really hoping he can pull through. I just want to be ready in case, and I want to make him as comfortable as possible. Also, there is a female that he plays with durongthesay, and I've separated them because I'm afraid she might catch the sickness, good idea or am I worried about that for no reason? Thanks again.
  15. Cookiepeace

    Cookiepeace New Born Pup

    Mar 6, 2012
    Sorry For the spelling mistakes, autocorrect.
    The last parts supposed to say "There's a female he plays with during the day"
  16. Twoflower

    Twoflower New Member

    Awwww poor little guy. I hope he makes a full recovery.
  17. witch1hg

    witch1hg New Member

    Feb 24, 2012
    sending healing hugs to your piggy, hope he gets well,
  18. DizzyDinosaur

    DizzyDinosaur Teenage Guinea Pig

    Sep 29, 2011
    *Sends healing vibes*
    :laluot_15: :laluot_15: :laluot_15:

    Get better soon lil Prince
  19. piglet_and_rogers_mama

    piglet_and_rogers_mama Adult Guinea Pig

    Mar 23, 2011
    Oh my that's a scary diagnosis! I don't how it affects pigs, but I know in humans it's extremely contagious, and fatal if not caught early. I'm sorry I'm not trying to scare you, but I would definitely call the vet about your other pig getting infected, and keep a close eye on her. Good luck.
  20. Given the large number of things that seem to be wrong with your pig right now, I find it very strange (and to be honest a bit concerning) that your vet is prepared to make a diagnosis and prescribe medication based only on a telephone call - I don't fully understand why the vet didn't ask to see the pig.
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