Please read rescues! regarding baby buff..looking for 1 more girl for him!

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Aug 20, 2009
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stoke on trent staffordshire
Right as you all know Baby Buff was neutered Monday, he already has 2 special ladies long termers from another rescue reserved! who will live with him, BUT they are going in a 6ft hutch so ideally i would like 3 sows for him to live with so I'm on the look out for another sow that gets on with other sows/guinea pigs, one that is poss a longtermer OR could even do with a longterm(forever)foster home living with Baby Buff and his 2 new special girls(all will be revealed soon)rolleyes

if anyone can help and feel they have a sow ANY AGE that would love to live with buff and his girls and be spoilt feel free to post pictures for me..

this is the last guinea i can have now and i dont want the group astablished and they will not take to another new guinea, like my other groups wont.

so ideally i want to introduce them all into the new hutch together that knowone has been in before, if you know what i meanmallethead:))

love clairexxx
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