Plight of pet rats in South Africa.

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Pet shops in South Africa are openly & unashamedly selling domestic as live food even though it is illegal to do so by law. Because rats are not seen as pets by pet shops but as fodder they are bred and confined under the most horrific conditions. Going to a pet shop there and buying a couple of rats is like buying a bag of dog pellets. When a customer asks for dead rat the pet shop emplyee goes into the back (in full view of customers) takes the rat out of the tank by it's tail and bashes its brains out!

the Cavyrescue wants to help highlight to the South African Government and Animal Welfare bodies such as the NSPCA & WSPA that they need to get involved in stopping this cruel trade. You can either visit and follow the link on the homepage or go direct to:

I have already signed this petition. Obviously i'm not against people feeding their snakes but i am against people who treat animals cruelly and this is what we are protesting about.


I have also signed,

we have a snake but don't feed live food.

but I can't stand bad treatment of any animal how ever small the animal

Jan 23, 2006
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ugh how awlful some countrys do tend to not have the same respect for living animlas as us Brits do, my friend in the USA was surprised when I said I hate her ex for shooting deer, but its perfectly normal way of life there, just like us fishing I guess, but theres a way and need to do that, not eating rats and keeping them like that, they have no respect for life , I view life as black and white as in you dont anything with a face, yes i know a bit extreme but being a veggie I am consistant with my views, BUT my family eat meat, so I dont push my views on others, but secretly hate the whole thought of eating anything that has a face, lol


One of my closest friends is south african and said that her mum never took her or her sister into a pet shop she was never allowed an animal!? knowing how kind and caring her mum it i think i understand now why she didnt let her daughters see this though if your brought up in those conditions you'd think it would be the norm ?


It is quite shocking.

My uncle used to keep loads of snakes and although he did feed them rats, he never fed them live ones. He did have one particulary difficult snake who didn't seem to want one already dead so my uncle found a way of jiggling the dead rat around to make it look alive!

It's such as a shame when any animal is treated bady. I've been watching that Monkey Business on Animal Planet and i'm amazed at the number of people who keep chimps as pets and dress them in kids clothing :o Not to mention the countries that advocate stealing baby monkeys and keeping them chained in small cages. It can be a very sad world sometimes :(
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