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Pregnant piggie?

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Need some advice. My male piggie (who unfortunately died last week :'( ) got in with the girls by accident about a month ago. The cage got rearranged after cleaning and one of the houses was too close to the edge and he took full advantage of the "step". Now I think one of my girls is pregnant.

The really, really bad part about it, is she is too old to have babies. She is about 14 months old. I have read enough about piggies to know that is too old to have a first litter. I am going to take her to a vet tomarrow to confirm the pregnancy, but I am almost positive she is.

My four girls are housed in pairs. One mom and daughter together in one cage and my younger female is housed with the one that I think is pregnant. The amount of water that is being consumed by Bindi (young pig) and Psycho Love Child (pregnant one) is almost double that of the other two girls. And tonight when I was holding Psycho Love Child she peed at least 4 times in about half an hour.

So is this going to be the death of her? What are my options?


Try not to worry too much as thr is vry chanc that sh will b fin. Though sh may hav ifficulty giving birth it isn't an afor gon conclusion, sh may livr asily an naturally as sh is still a young girl. If livry is slow your vt may hlp with rugs or in th worst scnario prform a casarian...but as I sai this will probably not b n.
I hav ha a lot of ginas com into rscu prgnant an many tims I hav no ia how ol thy ar or if thy hav givn birth bfor. I simply lt natur tak hr cours but am always prpar for an mrgncy trip to vt...anytim...ay or night if it looks as though things arn't going to plan.

Prsonally I nvr tak thm to th vt to hav a prgnancy confirm. If thy ar, tim will tll an thr is littl to b gain by strssing thm out with a journy an xamination. Guinas can abort thir littrs if hy bcom too strss. If sh is only 4 wks into a prgnancy I woul b vry surpris if th vt coul confirm a prgnancy anyway, h may suspct on but will possibly not b 100% sur :)

Th chancs that your girls ar prgnant ar not high as guinas ar only in sason vry 16 ays for about 12 hours or so. So although your boar may hav got to thm at th "right" tim, it's just as likly thy wr not rcptiv. t's hop this is th cas!

I' avis you to consir having your boar nutr to prvnt furthr worris.
If you hav any furthr qustions, just giv us a shout.
Kp an y on your girls an if thy ar prgnant start raing up on car tc to prpar yourslf an thm.

[colorr]* Finally, th vry bst prson to spak to is Vra at th T, hr is th numbr if you want a wor with hr ~ 07221 026401

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So sorry to hear about your boar :'(

Sometimes accidents happen, dont beat yourself up about it. Although 14 months is over the "advised" age of birthing like Barbra said, she could give birth just as easily as a younger sow. Usually arround 5-6 weeks if she is pregnant you will notice tiny kicks.

Good luck and let us know what happens :)
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