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I dont get why the mods are so fussy over punctuation, as long as you can read what the thread says then why is there a problem. I am not trying to cause trouble, just I'm sure that when people get their thread edited and it says

"moderator : Punctuation" i'm sure that some people might get offended or something.

just my thoughts
It does make it easier to read if the punctuation is in. The message i put wasnt suppose to be made into a big thing. Just wanted everyone to just take care in what they put. text chat/spelling/punctuation. I wasnt pointing the finger at anyone.
I think it's because it is really hard to understand some people who use text type and chat speak. I don't think punctuation is that much of the problem, it's mainly the chat speak but if you have a scentence going non-stop without any punctuation.. it can be harder to read!

It's a simple little thing, doesn't take long to spell out 'u' into 'you' ;)
yeah i can understand the text chat, as i cant stand that,

but i mean some users on here are alot younger then others and so maybe havent got the full gist of punctuation.

but hey ho I'm just a forum member :p
We understand that some wont be good at punctuation/spelling then others. I'm not that good to be honest. Thats not a problem. Just wanted everyone to just try and then it will cut down a Mods job slightly.

You are a valued forum member and your opinions does count. ;D
We are not asking that you use commas everywhere and make sure you use exclamation marks in the right places e.t.c. Its mainly the use of capital letters and full stops as these are what tell you when a new sentence has started and when one has finished.

It is also stated in the "Posting a Message" sticky that you must always use appropriate English. These can be found here... http://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=4.0

The point of this is just to make it a little easier when reading through messages.

I hope this makes sense :)
Sorry if anyone has taken offence at the recent step up in moderation.

It's just that the whole mod team had noticed a big decline in the use of language on the board which goes against the forum rules as Ellie has already said.

There has been a real increase in posts with no capital letters/full stops which can be really hard for people to read - especially if English is not their first language. I'm not expecting commas and semi colons but I think the least we can do is use basic punctuation so that anyone who wants to can access the board.

Don't even get me started on text talk.....
but it iz wiked init. :D

only kidding, yeah i cant stand text talk, its like kids these days have got lazy in the way they talk,

i just wondered why there was an all of a sudden step up in moderator activity :D
Text talk drives me crazy! I know that makes me sound like an old fart but I'm not - I'm 25!

What really does my head in is when kids use it in their writing AT SCHOOL! I'm a primary school teacher and the amount I see is just stupid. I think the most extreme example recently is an absence note for one of my kids that started "I hope u cn xcuse X from school on weds as she has 2 go 2 the dentist...."

lol, that is hilarious,

its ok i cant stand it and I'm 23. so dont worry your not old at all.

its because of all the young mothers that the kids are starting to talk like it.
At the risk of sounding old for my age, but I even I have trouble reading text speak to be totally honest with you. I've got into the habit of using full english and grammar (although my grammer is far from perfect :-[) but if I make a mistake I can only apologise.

I hate text talk too.

I'm bad at spelling too so i apologise if i make any mistakes. ;D
yea, me too. i sometimes have trouble reading too. i thought i was the only one! i thought for a sec, "hey, I'm really old!" but now i know, I'm only partially old!
I don't understand text stuff at all and I never use it, not even when I'm texting!
i even hate texting on phones! its takes time and my fingers get tired!
Oh i know when i worked at a school the children where terrible for it i know i am a bit of a hypercrit because i am terrible with my writing! I'm the main culprit! Starshine i may have to ask you about your job so i can make a desision for uni! x
Will chat to you about teaching etc anytime Verity - just drop me a PM or email or post on here.

Same goes for anyone else that is interested too of course!
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