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Mommy Kat will tell you about our newest friend since I'm not allowed to meet him yet.

-Bastian Noel

This is my newest love. After losing Vashti, my mother thought it would be good for me to get a new hammy. I wasn't so sure but agreed to it anyway. Last night I brought home little Rorani. He is very young and seeing as I don't breed hammies, I'm still not the best at determining the gender of very young ones (unless they are pinkies just getting hair then it's easy), but I'm pretty certain he is male. It doesn't matter too much though since Syrians should live alone anyway. Right now he is in a large sterilite tub because he is too small for my cages (they are all wire and plastic and his head is so small it would slip through the wire sections). I figure I'll go out and buy him a new cage that is all his and just for him in a few days so that it will be all ready for him when he gets big enough and he won't have to use a hand me down cage. My mom was right, having him is helping me deal with losing Vashti. He is helping to keep my mind on something else and I won't have to dwell on losing her. He's so cute and I love him so much already. He's so funny and so hyper. He runs all over the place exploring and makes me laugh.




OMG, cuteness overload! Rorani is so sweet, just check out his fuzzy lil behind, lol. I love hammies.... I have one called Buzz ;D


OMG! He's so cute ;D

I'm starting to wish we had hamsters here
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