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Scarby bites his finger nails

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Senior Guinea Pig
Jan 24, 2006
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West Cornwall
Hs anyone else experienced this? They never bleed and I think it's caused by anxiety, poor love.
Tonic has always done this! Have no idea why.. nothing wrong andhas never chewed them so they've bled..

Had no reason to be bothered about it.. I tell him off for biting his nails! LOL
yea, my piggy does it too....she seems to do it more when i cut her nails...
I wonder if piggies bite their nails because, like us, they get rough bits, and again like us they bite them off.
Caroline x
Tonic does it too after his nails have been cut, so he's probably saying 'ahh but mummy you missed a bit'.. LOL :)
lol....yea, my piggy even bites off spores when she gets them! she gives herself piggy manicures! :)
exactly! i guess next time i will give her the nail clippers so she can do it! :D
Zubin is forever doing it and if it doesnt hurt him i let him get on with it lol i think its them cleaning it because he mainly does it when hes been in the garden x
they are very clean animals..what can i say? i think my piggy is cleaner than me at times! :D :o
yea, ive tried...she just looks at me like,"um...your the mommy, mommy!" :P
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